About Organ Heads

“Organ Heads” is my ongoing NFT collection as of November 2021.
It will consist of 60 images (10 organs x 6 different background colors).
*Edited 2022 Mar: The collection will consist of 2 organs x6 + 8 organs 1 each = 20 images.

“Organ Heads”は2021年11現在、進行形のNFTコレクションで、合計60枚の画像(臓器10個x背景6色)から成る予定です。

OrganHeads “Breathe”

As I was looking at my past stamp works of heart and lungs, they started to look like heads of distinguished gentlemen.

Although I call myself a digital collage artist, the Organ Heads collection became my first attempt to place my carved stamp images into a somewhat irrelevant context.


This collection has guided me into interpret the different functions and morphologies of major organs, thus allowing me to create personality in these “gentlemen.”


Please do take a look at their unique heads. Soon enough, one of them might start looking just like you, or your loved one.


Teineko Organ Heads

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